Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Having been currently ill for numerous days this week, i have been unable to help Tash. M with filming the  final part of the video on Wednesday 6th. Although, the bulk of the editing was finished a few days ago whilst i was still in school. Thankfully, she was able to film the last section of the video without me and tied the odd bits of the video, such as making sure the lip syncing was in order.

Last Bits of Editing/Finished

I filmed the last sequence which is the throwing Jack out scene. As part of our group was not in school, I organised another person to film for us instead and directed them as to what shots we needed. This only took about 15 minutes so the footage was ready to edit. It was imported it into FinalCut and I edited this which didn't take too long.
Also, a lot of the lip singing was out of sync so I put it all right which meant cutting a few clips or making them longer. I have made a few shots speeded up as it makes more of an impact to make the shots fit with the song and the beats. I have also created an ending on iMovie where the artist's name and song name appears which I felt would help establish the artist, this is conventional of a music video on TV channels. I also acted on the tips Ms Thrasher gave us on a few shots that needed to be changed, like a shot at the end of the quick sequence near the end of the video and edited it too so it kept up the speed of the video as I made the video have a faster pace near the ending so that it is a gradual video.

It is now all edited and I am about to upload it to YouTube as the the whole video is now finished!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Filming Postponed #2

We had planned to film the last bit (chucking Jack out scene) today, however, this had to be cancelled as one of the actors went home and we couldn't use another man as he had been in the rest of the video.
We have planned to do it on Wednesday where we have double Media so we can film in the first hour (even though this will only take roughly 20 minutes) and edit in the next. That means after this, all the filming will be complete.
So the new filming list is:

Date to film: Wednesday 6th April
Time: 9:50am - 9:30am
People needed: The Group plus Jamie, Michael and Jack
Location: Under the stairs (interrogation room)

The rest is the same as the earlier list.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Yesterday, we re-filmed the chorus in the drama rooms, we used the specialist lights for this to make it look more professional, as our feedback from the showcase suggested that our current chorus (which was plain in-front of curtains) didn't look very professional. This made a huge impact and the footage looks so much better. We were able to do this in the space of one hour as I got ready and turned the lights on during form time, so this was so successful within the time provided.

We also re-shot the beginning of the video as we realised the continuity wasn't great as we had a flood light in some sections whereas in others, it only used the light from a small lamp, also in this location we filmed the walking down bit again as last time my flower was on the wrong side of my head! So now, the whole first section's continuity is corrected and looks so much better. We also filmed some shots of the artist getting ready (putting make-up/shoes on) which we want to put quick edits in at the beginning when she is walking down the stairs because the music is jumpy so gives us a lot of room to do some fast edits instead of just plainly walking down stairs.

In the third lesson, we filmed the artist and the male together (before he cheated on her) just on a normal school day sitting on a bench and walking and running around a field, just generally being young and happy. We thought this would be good to put in the montage at the end.

We had a small amount of time left so we went and filmed Jack in the french corridors again and the artist lip singing, which we were supposed to do on Monday however, this has given us more time to do the last bits of editing.

So this was a very busy filming day (3hours) and we were knackered by the end of it, but we have all our shots now! Apart from the last tiny bit where the guys throw the main guy out, which we hopefully should be filming on Monday! We will be staying after school to do our last editing so we are able to have the very best outcome for our deadline!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Footage Editing:

As the video completion deadline is coming to a closure, i have made sure that every opportunity for editing the footage is taken. Today, the group (and jack for an hour) did three hours of filming in the drama studio and out on the fields for our montage of shots and in order to re do the chorus, which was successful.

Therefore, i have spent two hours today uploading the footage and have begun editing the footage onto the video outline. However, i feel that this will take some time and that the group will have to take lots of time editing the footage together to make sure that the editing is approved by the whole group in terms of agreeing on effects and to make sure certain shots are approved.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Filming: Redoing the Chorus

We will be re doing the chorus as people thought that our costumes were repetitive in the video and also that the curtain behind wasn't very professional. This can be filmed tomorrow period 1 as that is the only time it is free.

Date to film: Friday 1st April
Time: 8:50am - 9:50am
People needed: ALL OF GROUP (no extras)
Location: Drama room (booked)

Props/Items we need to take:
- Video Camera
- Tape for camera
- iPod (make sure it's charged)
- iPod dock
- Costume! (heels and RED flower for hair)
- Stage (this is portable, not using the main stage as it's too big)
- Mic stand + Mic (I'll get this from music dept.)

Shots to be filmed:
- Close up
- Medium shot
- Wide shot
- Singing to camera
- Singing to audience
- Pan shot
- Shot of 'rocking out'
- Shots of walking around stage whilst singing
- Extra shots incase extra footage is needed